Services and processes.

Design is about processes carried out by people for people.

How we work
At first glance, the steps followed to achieve the desired results are simple and are focused on creating a connection between the designer, the maker and the user.
Our process
Discover & Strategy1/4
Discovering and planning the right direction is one of the points to have in mind when starting a new project.

Market research · Trend forecast · User definition · Product ID definition · Branding · Color strategy
Concept & Design2/4
Exploration and iteration are necessary to discover new concepts and to achieve the correct design concepts.

Concept creation · Shape design and volumes · CMF testing · Rapid prototyping
Refine & Prototype3/4
Once the concept is decided, it starts the refinement process to adjust and refine the shape. On the other hand, the proposals are tested using prototypes to check the usability.

Design adjustments · Product identity guidelines · Sample inspection · CMF document · Prototyping
Products are designed to be on the market so that people can have access to them. So the process is not finished until the user has the opportunity to hold it in his hands.

Photography art direction · Product rendering · Support in launching process
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
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Industrial design.
Industrial design service involves the strategic creation and development of physical products. This service integrates aesthetics and usability to craft products that meet user needs while aligning with brand identity.

It involves concept ideation, prototyping, and refining designs to align with product identity guidelines and user needs.
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A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
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Product identity guidelines. 
The aim of establishing product design guidelines within your brand manual is to ensure a consistent brand identity throughout your full product range.

Maintaining a unified style enhances brand recognition, strengthens marketing initiatives, and should extend to your product design language.
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Colors, materials and finishes. 
The CMF (colors, materials, and finishes) service involves curating a palette of colors, materials, and surface treatments for products.

It enhances aesthetics, aligns with brand identity, and influences user perception. It creates a unified and engaging product experience, visually and tactilely.
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A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
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Product rendering.
The product rendering service (CGI) is about the creation of images that display details, textures, and lighting.

These pictures serve as valuable tools for marketing, prototyping, and decision-making. Also providing a glimpse of the final product before it goes into production.
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