About us.

Working to design physical products that create meaningful experiences for people.

Our vision
Solving problems through a functional, sustainable and aesthetically point of view. Creating a bridge between technology and emotions.

In the end, we work to create our lives easier, a sustainable future and a cooler place to live in.
Our Team
Josep Pedro
Industrial Designer
Based in Valencia, Spain
Industrial designer based in Valencia, Spain. Member of the award-winning team Alegre Design and also working on some side projects.

Currently designing tangible products that create meaningful experiences for people. Mainly focused on the fields of consumer electronics, packaging design and CGI (product rendering pictures).

Design is about processes carried out by people for people. The main part of it is the connection between the designer, the maker and the user. I believe that the key is to find the bridge between technology and emotions created by the product on the people.
By the numbers
years of experience
projects completed
Different nationalities
offices around Europe
Winning partnerships
“Bergen delivered outstanding web design for our brand website. They worked to understand our brand and created a quality digital experience for our customers”.
UI/UX Design
Kelly Huang
Managing Director