Project overview
Through the experimentation with new forms of interaction and product aesthetics, NOE appears. A collection of speakers that pretends to break the barrier between electronics and furniture, softening the shapes usually given to this kind of product.

NOE comes in materials commonly used in the home for better integration. On the other hand, the way of interacting with the speaker is very analog, it consists of the movement of a wooden disk across the top of the object.
The shape of NOE speakers is simplified an can be divided in two main pieces: the speaker body and the top surface, that is also the interface. This surface is the one that is in direct contact with the user, because of this is made in a natural and warm material. Oak wood.
Inside the box you can find the speaker with its cable and a user guide with a poster in its back part. This poster is inspired by the sound waves and ancient Japanese illustrations.​​​​​​​
Creative Direction
Ioritz Hontecillas + Josep Pedro
Product Design
Ioritz Hontecillas + Josep Pedro
Ana Sarrión
Ana Sarrión + Josep Pedro
Video Animation
Ioritz Hontecillas
Video Edit + Color Grading
Ekhi Hontecillas
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