Space is a spatial canvas that allows you to create and collect any type of rich media that can be found on the internet to share and interact with others.

Space is currently in development and a closed alpha. More coming soon.
Space can be broken down into three key pillars: 1. spatial canvas, 2. blocks, and 3. interaction.

Unlike a typical vertical scroll, Space uses an infinite spatial canvas to position information that lends itself to a more natural visual flow. Blocks can be placed with a visual hierarchy into sections while using proximity to expand on ideas with references or notes as you flow naturally into the next topic. This allows for more deep thinking and research as you can branch-off in any direction to explore a topic in more depth and provide more insightful, rich media blocks for the reader.

Interaction is brought in to promote more active engagement. Comment, polls, or reaction blocks can be placed by the creator to enable more conversations or feedback allowing the user to build together openly and in real-time. Each block, if relevant, has its own provenance so you can track its origin and if it’s featured in other spaces to dive deeper for more related content and discovery.
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