A selection of previous projects, side projects, concepts, and general play.
2020 – 2021
“Arkival is a social bookmarking tool designed to be shared. Collect your ideas, your thoughts, your internet.”

A tool for archiving and sharing the internet. Born from our need to save our bookmarks more elegantly. The web app is comprised of multiple products:

• Front-end application built with React
• Back-end application written in Laravel
• Micro-service redis queue for capturing website screens using Puppeteer
• Chrome extension for the user to capture the page

Arkival was designed and developed by myself, Adam Gee and Sheldon Li as Manual Engineering. Currently in working beta and used by us as our primary personal and business bookmarking tool.
Branding and web design for UK-based bar and restaurant Pulpit.
Mercedes-Benz EQ
Acting as the lead design consultant, various flows were designed to pitch for Mercedes-Benz EQ’s new web app and WeChat Mini Program to facilitate initial browsing all the way to the vehicle remote app.
Total 90
Total 90 is a concept fantasy football app. The app adds more accurate and relevant player scoring, game modes and mechanics, and a dynamic transfer market to the more standardised available fantasy apps. Born from the fact I always come bottom of my fantasy league with friends more so than an investors wet dream.
2014 – Present
Logos. Logomarks. Logotypes. Logos.
Head of Brand & Art Director
2014 – 2017
Joining as a founding member in 2014, I helped Grana grow from a 5 person team to over 80 with $16 million in investment. Grana specialises in quality essentials through low markups, cutting out the middlemen and product transparency.

Originally as an Art Director and then Head of Brand, I was responsible for Grana’s branding from web design, photography, marketing assets, store design, copy direction, to product tags and care labels.

Our goal at Grana, much like our product manifesto, was to create the highest quality digital experience that used the most modern stacks and procedures. You can find our style guide here.
2017 — Present
From boutique second-hand furniture to tour posters to agency websites.
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